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SANWA Molds: The Backbone of Our Cosmetic Packaging Excellence

At Sanwa, we understand that the quality of our molds directly affects the quality of our products. Therefore, we have established a state-of-the-art mold department to ensure precise control over the entire process from the very beginning. This department is responsible for designing and manufacturing our molds and offers maintenance and repair services to ensure their longevity and reliability. You can read more about our mold department here. Our mold department is fundamental to our operations and plays a crucial role in ensuring the excellence of our cosmetic packaging products from concept to final product.

Our Mold Department: A Hub of Expertise

An experienced and skilled team staffs our mold department. Their deep understanding of material properties, mold design principles, and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques allows them to create not just functional, but exceptional molds that meet the standards of our customers. Our team fosters a collaborative environment, working closely with designers and production personnel throughout the process. This ensures that the final mold not only meets the aesthetic vision but also seamlessly integrates with our production lines.

Dual Expertise: Maintenance and Development

While maintaining the existing mold fleet is crucial for consistent quality, our mold shop goes beyond simple upkeep. They are actively involved in two critical areas:

  • Maintenance: Our team is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of all our molds, ensuring they are in top condition to deliver consistent quality products. They conduct regular inspections, perform preventive maintenance, and promptly address issues that arise, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

  • Development: When a customer approaches us with a new packaging concept, our mold department team springs into action. They meticulously convert the customer's vision into detailed technical drawings, utilizing cutting-edge CAD software. They then carefully create 3D models and prototypes, allowing for thorough design validation and refinement before the actual mold is created.

A Versatile Arsenal of Machinery

Our mold department is equipped with a wide array of advanced machinery, enabling us to produce a diverse range of molds to cater to our customer's specific needs. These machines include:

  • Milling machines: For precise machining of complex mold components

  • Lathes: For creating rotational mold elements with high accuracy

  • Grinding machines: For finishing and polishing mold surfaces to ensure smooth product release

  • CNC machines: For computer-controlled, high-precision mold fabrication

  • Electrical Discharge Machines (EDMs): For creating intricate mold features that are difficult to achieve with traditional machining methods

  • 3D printers: For rapid prototyping and concept visualization

Mold Manufacturing: In-house or External

The decision of whether to manufacture a mold in-house or source it from an external supplier is made on a case-by-case basis.

Regardless of the manufacturing approach, SANWA maintains strict quality control standards throughout the entire process, ensuring that every mold meets our stringent specifications. We work closely with external suppliers to ensure they meet our rigorous specifications and conduct thorough inspections throughout the entire process.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our mold department is a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality cosmetic packaging solutions. With our team's expertise, advanced technology, and unwavering commitment to quality, we are confident that our molds will continue to be the backbone of our success for years to come.

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