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Transforming Products into Captivating Visual Masterpieces

SANWA offers a comprehensive range of technologies to elevate the visual appeal of cosmetic product packaging. From silkscreen printing to hot stamping and sleeve labeling, we provide tailored solutions to meet your branding needs

In today's highly competitive marketplace, a product's visual appeal can be the deciding factor that sets it apart from the competition. SANWA understands this fundamental truth and has dedicated itself to providing innovative solutions that elevate the visual impact of products across diverse sectors.

Comprehensive In-House Capabilities

“We take pride in its comprehensive in-house capabilities, ensuring seamless production from start to finish”, says Yair Hammerschlag, CEO. “The company handles the entire chain, from printing grids and template preparations to product design and manufacturing. With the ability to print on both glass and plastic items, we provide a one-stop solution for all your decoration needs”, he continues.

Versatile Decoration Solutions

SANWA has a few decoration technologies to offer, one of them is silkscreen printing, a versatile technology suitable for small and large orders, catering to products ranging from 50ml to 1 liter in size. Supplying a few thousand items to hundreds of thousands within a few days, with an impressive production capacity of up to 2,000 products per hour for multi-color prints. With the capability to print from one to four colors on bottles and one to three colors on jars, we utilize manual and fully automatic machines to cater to diverse production requirements. Additionally, we can offer single or dual-color printing on caps.

“We offer hot stamping on flat lids for those seeking a touch of elegance”, elaborates Yair. “This process allows for applying a gold stripe or a logo on the top lid, creating a premium and sophisticated look. While a bit slower process, hot stamping adds a distinctive touch to your products”.

The third decoration technology is the sleeve labeling service. It is a fully automatic line, catering to bottles ranging from 50ml to 1 liter. This technology offers flexibility and efficiency, making it an attractive option for many customers.

Custom-Tailored, Higy-Quality Solutions

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. With cameras checking the prints one by one on several machines and a dedicated quality control team monitoring the process, inspection, and post-printing stages, we ensure every product meets the highest standards. Additionally, SANWA collaborates closely with customers, providing guidance from product selection to pattern approval, offering suggestions for enhancements, and ensuring a seamless design process.  “We pay close attention to the customers’ preferences. Whether you prioritize aesthetic appeal or flexibility, our experts will guide you in providing the most suitable decoration technology”, explains Yair.


Overcoming Challenges: Innovation in Action

SANWA demonstrates its innovative spirit by overcoming challenges through creative solutions. For instance, to address the limitation of silk printing, which prevents 360-degree coverage, SANWA’s experts worked closely with a customer to develop color combinations that created the illusion of continuous printing from corner to corner, delivering a visually striking result.

With an unwavering dedication to excellence, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to elevate their brand's visual impact. Through its comprehensive range of decoration technologies, meticulous attention to detail, and collaborative approach, we help our customers create products that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression in the minds of consumers.

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