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a smooth turnkey process is finally here

We make the packaging process easy.
Whether you’re looking for a package that will fit your
brand’s concept, or a full process and tons of options, we have the packaging bottle you’ve been dreaming of.

Design and Molds

The design and molding stage of your package begins

with us listening to your needs. We work with you

to design a new package or otherwise choose

from an existing mold. The choice is yours.

3D Prototyping

During this phase, we draw a mold which we use to create a 3D tangible model. This is in fact the prototype we use for
production to bring your design to life.

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This is the part of the process where your packaging is made. We produce blow molded and injection molded packaging made from PP, PE, and PET to create endless possibilities of bottles and jars, materials and colors.


We use both automatic and semi- automatic silk screen printing and hot stamping for high-quality prints on packaging. Why send your package to print when you can do everything with us?


Why Us

We offer mind-blowing packaging possibilities,  a flexible framework and unparalleled quality and service.

It’s no wonder our clients stick with us for decades.

As a cosmetics and toiletries packaging company that works with large and medium-sized
companies, we understand your needs.

That’s why our full range of services is personalized to meet your order.

Our dedicated team will help you with your every need in a seamless process

that will save you the headache of dealing with a million moving parts.

Contact us today to find the perfect package

for your product.

Sanwa Green Packaging

We are dedicated to helping our clients use sustainable packaging without compromising on quality or design.
We offer bottles that meet the strictest requirements, including:

PE bottles produced from 100% post-consumer resin material

A mix of PCR & HDPE materials (breakdown based on customer needs)

Bio HDPE – bottles manufactured from 100% recyclable bio-PE from sugar cane

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